Animalfish Alphabet

a fishy coloring book featuring some of the world's wonderful watery creatures



**"Fun for kids and adults. Picked up two copies for my two daughters, ages 7 and 5. They both enjoyed the coloring and fish, with my older daughter also enjoying the stories about each fish. Dad learned a few things reading about the fish descriptions as well!"

From William, age 8

**"So much fun!!! My son and I were coloring in the Animalfish Alphabet book the other day as as we were coloring the Cowfish together he said, “I love this book.” It was a great learning plus fun experience and great Mom/Son time for me."/

**"Great book! Inventive, imaginative, and informative! My seven year old nephew loved this book; everything from the information to the drawings. It provides a lot of information in an easy to understand manner. Thank you!"

**"Maggie, your book is great, A-Z. Thanks for the wonderful work."

**"Got these coloring books for my grandkids who love to go to the aquarium. They loved the pictures as well as the fact that they aren’t the normal “fishies” you might see. Well done!"

**"Unique & fun. Three grandchildren and a nephew all enjoyed this unique coloring book. It is very detailed, and the older ones really got into showing off their colorin skills. It also provides lots of interesting info on various sea creatures."

**"Fun and unique! This unique coloring book was a big hit with my 7 & 9 year old nephew and niece. They LOVE fish and had a lot of fun learning about fish that they did not know existed. They also had fun following the alphabet. The pictures allow for detailed coloring, which they were very proud to show off!"

**By Silvia, age 7:


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